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  • The Best Acne Herbal Remedies and Natural Treatments – 3 Tips You Can Use Now
    The Best Acne Herbal Remedies and Natural Treatments – 3 Tips You Can Use Now

    Struggling with ugly acne blemishes is something that a lot of people go through. However, there are remedies to fix your acne. Acne herbal remedies are great because they are cheap and they work really well. Most of these remedies are also more readily available than ever before. You can easily find a natural item to treat your acne, eliminate scaring, and give your skin a healthy glow. Contrary to popular belief, the main cause behind acne is genetics and your natural environment. This means that the best way to treat acne is to treat it naturally. It can be treated from simple foods you would find in your local store (i.e., nuts, fruits, and herbs). The following are 3 simple acne herbal…

  • “True” Aromatherapy
    “True” Aromatherapy

    In order to discuss aromatherapy, you first need to understand what basic aromatherapy is. Many people will walk into a store, smell a candle or bag of potpourri, and assume they’ve just had an aroma therapeutic experience. Not so. True aromatherapy has several qualifications: No chemical fragrances allowed. All aromas must be natural, as in essential oils. Fragrances must be selected specifically for what ails you. Smelling any ole’ thing that smells good just isn’t going to do the trick. The aroma must effect you at a cellular level to have any effect. The limbic system of the brain plays a huge part in aromatherapy. The truth is, that real aromatherapy, just like medicine,…

  • 5 Native American Remedies that are Super Effective
    5 Native American Remedies that are Super Effective

    For thousands of years now, Native American remedies are being practiced all over the globe because of their effectiveness in being able to treat a variety of health conditions. During the early times, like in the most parts of the globe, Native Americans do not have access to medical professionals and hospitals, which is why they often rely on resources that are readily available whenever they are sick. Because of its old age, some of these practices have already bene forgotten, which is also a result of the introduction of new advancements in the medical field. Nonetheless, it cannot be denied how there are still many Native American remedies practiced today, such as those mentioned in…

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