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  • “True” Aromatherapy
    “True” Aromatherapy

    In order to discuss aromatherapy, you first need to understand what basic aromatherapy is. Many people will walk into a store, smell a candle or bag of potpourri, and assume they’ve just had an aroma therapeutic experience. Not so. True aromatherapy has several qualifications: No chemical fragrances allowed. All aromas must be natural, as in essential oils. Fragrances must be selected specifically for what ails you. Smelling any ole’ thing that smells good just isn’t going to do the trick. The aroma must effect you at a cellular level to have any effect. The limbic system of the brain plays a huge part in aromatherapy. The truth is, that real aromatherapy, just like medicine,…

  • 5 Native American Remedies that are Super Effective
    5 Native American Remedies that are Super Effective

    For thousands of years now, Native American remedies are being practiced all over the globe because of their effectiveness in being able to treat a variety of health conditions. During the early times, like in the most parts of the globe, Native Americans do not have access to medical professionals and hospitals, which is why they often rely on resources that are readily available whenever they are sick. Because of its old age, some of these practices have already bene forgotten, which is also a result of the introduction of new advancements in the medical field. Nonetheless, it cannot be denied how there are still many Native American remedies practiced today, such as those mentioned in…

  • Essential Oils and Herbs for the Bath
    Essential Oils and Herbs for the Bath

    A bath is can be a calming way to relax in today’s fast paced stressful world. It is a soothing way to start a new day and relaxing send-off to bed. Herbs and its essential oils can soothe aching muscles, tense nerves, skin irritations, softens skin. Imagine yourself floating in a gigantic bathtub full of herbs and essential oils. The soothing powers taking away your tensions, worries and transforming you to feel complete and new. Be sure to set the stage for your bath with a clean fresh bathroom. Keep clean towels, herbs, loofah, etc handy. Choose relaxing music and light unscented candles around you or use an essential oil diffuser. Make sure that everything you need for your luxurious,…

  • Natural Remedies for a Toothache
    Natural Remedies for a Toothache

    Not many people are aware of the fact that several herbs can be used in the relief of toothache pain. Natural herbs such as cloves, calendula, tarragon, and yarrow can be used to help relieve th pain until you can get to the dentist. For many years, different cultures have counted on herbs to help get the pain of a toothache control and get temporary relief. Native Americans for example, used the inner bark found in the butternut tree to their gums to get relief from toothaches. The butternut tree is found in North America, and is also the cousin of the black walnut tree. Butternut trees are found along rivers in well drained soil, rich woods, and even in back yards. Once the tree matures,…

  • Herbal Remedies For Sore Throat and Hoarseness
    Herbal Remedies For Sore Throat and Hoarseness

    It may come as a dry itch. Or a scratchy soreness in the throat or neck But whatever the effects, a sore throat can range from a simple, mild irritant to a very painful condition. A sore throat, which is also known as pharyngitis, laryngitis or tonsillitis, happens when your immune system reacts to an allergen or infection, and triggers a release of inflammatory chemicals like histamines and leukotrienes that irritate the membranes. A hot, phlegm-filled throat would generally mean you’ve fallen prey to whichever cold or flu bug is in your surroundings. Dry, sore and raspy throats are the result of allergies, exposure to pollutants or strained vocal chords. A sore throat can accompany…

  • The Many Uses of Natural Herbal Remedies and Oils
    The Many Uses of Natural Herbal Remedies and Oils

    Now a days, there is a variety of essential oils, roots, and herbs available to support healthy living.  These natural products can be used for treating ailments, flavoring your food, skin care, create perfumes, and manufacture environmentally safe cleaning products. If you do not have room for a garden, a few herbs planted by a sunny window are enough to get you started.  Subsequently, all you will need then are some essential oils and you are ready to embark on a wonderful journey to natural herbal remedies and medicine. Essential oils versus blended oils. The first to consider is the essential oils.  Only the purest oils will do for therapeutic purposes.  Do not be fooled into…

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