“True” Aromatherapy

In order to discuss aromatherapy, you first need to understand what basic aromatherapy is.

Many people will walk into a store, smell a candle or bag of potpourri, and assume they’ve just had an aroma therapeutic experience. Not so.

True aromatherapy has several qualifications:

No chemical fragrances allowed. All aromas must be natural, as in essential oils.

Fragrances must be selected specifically for what ails you. Smelling any ole’ thing that smells good just isn’t going to do the trick.

The aroma must effect you at a cellular level to have any effect. The limbic system of the brain plays a huge part in aromatherapy.

The truth is, that real aromatherapy, just like medicine, doesn’t always smell good. Sometimes, what is therapeutic, isn’t necessarily a smell that we are fond of. However, in true aromatherapy, you will generally be drawn to the scent your body needs most. The oils used are specific to finding your balance.

What are some specific balancing essential oils?

Relaxing: Lavender, clary sage, vetiver
Calming: Spearmint, lemongrass, fennel
Energizing: Rosemary, peppermint, eucalyptus

This is a very short list, but you get the idea. Regular oils are used, but with a specific purpose in mind.

DO NOT use essential oils without first mixing them with a carrier oil. These are potent little bottles that can irritate and even burn the skin. Remember certain oils should be avoided for different medical conditions and only certain oils can be used on babies. Please do not ever use the oils straight from the bottle. This is very dangerous.

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